PSR-E403 Demo / Review Pt1

A brief look at the Yamaha PSR-E403 for those of you thinking of buying a keyboard for Christmas. Most of what is shown also applies to the updated E413 and ...

Transferring Yamaha's PSR-E403 User Songs to PC via USB / myLot

Can any USB midi genius out there, please help me solve this mystery? There have been many forums on this particular subject, without any real answer. If additional software is needed, then fine. However, I as well as several other budding musicians cannot seem to resolve this USB issue. The Yamaha manual & their customer support team have been of no help. I am at my wit's end. commanderxo


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Anonymous Anonymous says:
How can I use a Yamaha PSR-E403 as a midi controller for MainStage?
In logic studio, I want to use my Yamaha psr-e403 as a midi controller. Apparently I need a CD or something. I dont have a CD, so is there something I can download in order to do this?
Chris T says:
Try visiting yamaha's website, because sometimes they will have free downloads of the such. if you cant find one there, your best bet is to contact the manufacturer. try these sites....

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