Xbox 360 Slim Power Supply Fix / Repair

This video will show you how to fix an Xbox 360 Power Supply. I bought my Xbox 360 Slim a little over a year ago and it's already malfunctioning. The fan sto...

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Questions & answers

Hunterman Hunterman says:
Play Xbox 360 without power cord?
Is there a way to play xbox without the power cord and box. All I have is the xbox the HDMI cord and tv. Can I use a playstation or computer cord.
Douglas says: can't power up an Xbox without a power cord and power adapter/brick. In fact, because there are different models of Xboxes and they require different power actually need to...

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Before you pack your Xbox One X to send back, however, you will want to check the power cable. A handful of users who encountered their system spontaneously turning off were able to fix the issue by swapping out the included cable for a third-party
TheSixthAxis Microsoft Officially Discontinue The Kinect Adapter For Xbox One S And X
With the launch of the One S, the Kinect port was removed, necessitating the use of a USB and power adapter to continue using Kinect, which was initially provided for free to those that needed one. After Microsoft discontinued the free adapter
Digital Trends Modder turns the Xbox One X into the 'Xbook One X' laptop
Zarick said on his site that only one power cable is needed to power his device, but given the power consumption of modern consoles, particularly the Xbox One X, it's impossible for the Xbook One X to run on batteries. “The system uses the stock Xbox
Alphr How to add an Xbox One hard drive
Have you got too many games to fit onto your Xbox One's internal HDD? Spending too much time deciding what to delete and not actually playing? Luckily you can quickly and easily plug a standard external hard drive in and expand your storage by a huge

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