how to use a WIRED xbox 360 headset

How to use a xbox 360 wired headset .(BETA) **NOTE** This is a BETA VERSION of one of our videos, but we are using a new editing software. http://support.xbo...

Turtle Beach gets Microsoft stamp of approval to build Xbox One ...

Microsoft's new Xbox comes with a console, controller and Kinect , but even if you pre-order One for yourself, you may choose to go elsewhere to pick up a matching headset. And, Turtle Beach will be one of the first next-gen headset providers, as it's just signed a license with Microsoft to build them for the One. Turtle Beach isn't sharing any more info on the forthcoming headsets,...


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joseph r joseph r says:
Feedback about an xbox 360 wireless headset!!!?
hi i was wandering if anyone had answers about an xbox 360 wireless it comfortable? is it worth it? is it too sensative? is it easy to use? and i play 30 to 50 hours a week...
Harry says:
If you want an Xbox 360 headset, get Plantronics version rather than the normal headset. Their new X30 headset for the Xbox and Xbox 360 is a sleek blend of comfort and performance. Building upon...

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That's why I've been tapped to refresh 's list of the best gaming headphones for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. Our Ben The base station also includes optical passthrough, so this headset works in concert with a dedicated receiver.
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This is without a doubt one of the most convenient headsets available for Xbox One today, complete with a listed 15 hours battery life, it beats out its more expensive Stealth 700 cousin by 5 hours. In reality you'll get less than 15 hours more than
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Turtle Beach's new Stealth 700 headset is a great wireless Xbox One headset, but issues with the PC drivers stop it from being truly versatile.
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Fully wireless gaming headsets are liberating, and Turtle Beach's Ear Force Stealth 700 (for Xbox One or PlayStation 4) is one of the better mid-range options out there. They connect straight to their respective consoles via wireless (a USB dongle is

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