how to use a WIRED xbox 360 headset

How to use a xbox 360 wired headset .(BETA) **NOTE** This is a BETA VERSION of one of our videos, but we are using a new editing software. http://support.xbo...

Turtle Beach gets Microsoft stamp of approval to build Xbox One ...

Microsoft's new Xbox comes with a console, controller and Kinect , but even if you pre-order One for yourself, you may choose to go elsewhere to pick up a matching headset. And, Turtle Beach will be one of the first next-gen headset providers, as it's just signed a license with Microsoft to build them for the One. Turtle Beach isn't sharing any more info on the forthcoming headsets,...


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joseph r joseph r says:
Feedback about an xbox 360 wireless headset!!!?
hi i was wandering if anyone had answers about an xbox 360 wireless it comfortable? is it worth it? is it too sensative? is it easy to use? and i play 30 to 50 hours a week...
Harry says:
If you want an Xbox 360 headset, get Plantronics version rather than the normal headset. Their new X30 headset for the Xbox and Xbox 360 is a sleek blend of comfort and performance. Building upon...

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