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Hay I decided to make a review and set up of the xbox 360 wireless N adapter it works great no problems at all, I give it a 10 out of 10.

Xbox Wifi Adapter: Xbox 360 Wireless N Network Adapter

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  • Brand: 3rd Party
  • Model: xbox360networknadapter
  • Platform: Xbox 360



Questions & answers

doodoo doodoo says:
Should I buy the new Xbox 360 Wireless 'N' Networking Adapter?
I got the original white adaptor but that sometimes gives me bad signal i got a Wireless N router, and i have a medium sized house(about 2200 Square feet) so should i buy one?
Panther says:
I do recommend upgrading to the new Wireless N adapter if you have 'N' Wi-Fi capabilities. It will increase your signal strength by a significant amount especially if you have a dual-band router...

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There's no getting around it: Microsoft's original Xbox 360 wireless adapter was a colossal piece of crap and a complete waste of money. It was extremely expensive at $100, and on the off occasion it would actually hold a connection it was unreliable
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(Assassin's Creed IV: Black Fl ... — lelehamam 22 sec ago. @dallasgroot Your mom does the Xbox 360 wireless network adapter have to be so expensive.... Back to old school hook up, via my Mac. — YourMomBot 24 sec ago. Why does the Xbox 360 wireless ...
Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter (Xbox 360)
Just plug into a PC with the included Ethernet cable for ... The xbox 360 wireless network adapter with n speed connects the xbox 360 to xbox live via your wireless home network. Easily connects through the usb 2.0 port of the xbox 360. 3x faster than ...
AMD Confirms it Co-Designed Xbox One APU
Earlier this week, Microsoft revealed the long-awaited sequel to the current console leader, Xbox 360 ... also feature three Wireless N radios so that the console can connect to gamepads (WiFi Direct), mobile devices and the home network without added ...

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