Análise - Tony Hawk's: Proving Ground - [BR] - XBOX 360 [HD]

Fala galera, tudo bem ? Aqui quem fala é o Cezar, e hojeu eu trago para vocês, uma análise do jogo THPG para o XBOX 360 Cezar Wits Games Brasil.

Thoughts of a PC Gamer... Turned Console Gamer... Possibly Turning PC Gamer... Again...

I first started off playing PC games back when I was a little 5 year old n00b. Of course I had an NES and a Gameboy, but my true love was the PC. The variety, depth, and the graphical superiority really made it the easy choice for even the most carefree gamer. As time went by, I slowly evolved away from the PC and went more and more into the consoles.

Those were great days for me. I...


Questions & answers

Mike Rotch Mike Rotch says:
Can you play Tony Hawks' Underground 2 on xbox 360?
I've had a little search on the Market Place and couldn't find it, I know it's possible to play some standard xbox games on 360, but I had it originally for PS2 and before I go out and buy the xbox version; I want to make sure it works. Can you...
Charlotte :> says:

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