Transferring an old Xbox 360 Hard drive into the new Slim Xbox 360

Have questions? Watch my follow up video and get answers! In this video I show you how to ...

What Can Microsoft’s Xbox Do This Time To NOT Piss Me Off…

Well, other than quoting Mr. Garrison and saying, “You go to hell and you die!” …no, honestly, that’s pretty much it! If I were to put it simply: Microsoft is synonymous with asshole, so yeah, stop being assholes! You built your Xbox 360 like retards and when it stopped working because of RROD or because of multiple disc read errors, you blamed the consumers saying, “Well, gee, you...


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freebeats freebeats says:
transfering my xbox 360 slim info to 250 harddrive?
i have a 4gb xbox 360 slim. im getting a 250 gb harddrive and my friend was talking about that i should transfer my gamertag or somthing. could you tell me what stuff you can transfer and what i should transfer and how i would do it. and if it...
Brian Martinez says:
well, you cant buy a transfer cable because it is only good for a transfer from a phat console to a slim, not from slim to slim, so what you can do is: 1. start up xbox with new 250 gb hd 2. go to...

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