XBOX 360 Hori Ex2 Turbo Controller Pad Review - 360 Full Turbo Controller

Get the new Hori Ex2 Turbo Controller pad here: Old SKool Fool drops the newest full un-modded X...

easy-to-fix: Xbox360 Fighting Stick VX

Xbox 360 Fighting Stick VX - HORI (U.S.A.). INC Home Page HORI's new officially licensed Fighting Stick VX with original HORI buttons and joystick. Buy HORI Fighting Stick VX (Xbox360) - Buy Video Games for ... HORI Fighting Stick VX (Xbox360) is available from HORI XBOX 360 Fighting Stick VX - - Computer Parts ......


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roostrgrl roostrgrl says:
Xbox 360 modded controllers?
Okay so i was wondering if anyone could post a list of every possible modded controller i could buy for my xbox 360. Also, if you can, please describe what they can do and where i could get one.
werewolf says:
Rapidfire (most common and self explanatory) NOMAD (Change the locations of the buttons) IntensaFIRE (Easiest Rapidfire-like mod to install and program) Hori Controller EX Turbo (Self explanatory)...

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