How To Open Xbox 360 HDD/Hard Drive

I show you how to take apart a Xbox 360 hard drive to get it ready to hook up to the computer. The tutorial I used is here

XBMC Live TV / PVR – DVBLogic’s DVBLink – Part1

If you have been reading my recent series of blog posts about XBMC, I did mention I would be looking at Live TV in XBMC. And in fact most of the comments and feedback I have received has been from people asking to know more about Live TV and PVR functions of XBMC. Now before I start a disclaimer as I am not an expert on this at all and there are several XBMC PVR Clients and back-ends which...


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Someone Someone says:
What is an Xbox 360 hard drive?
What is an Xbox 360 hard drive? Why do I need one to play Mafia 2 DLC from disc? How much do they cost? Any other solutions? Thanks very much!!
Light says:
A Xbox 360 Hard Drive is where your Xbox 360 saves your games. You shouldn't need it if its off the disc, but you may need it to save your game. That depends, which Xbox 360 model do you have? And...

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