FIFA 13 "New Skills" Tutorial (Xbox 360)

Learn how to do the new skills in FIFA 13! This video includes all the new Skill Moves, 2 new Flair Passes, 1 new Acrobatic Shot and some Examples of the new...

FIFA 14 new official Gameplay Trailer

EA sports is back in the rat race as they reveal some new gameplay for their yearly annual football title and you could say this is Fifa 13's long lost twin. It's looking exactly the same as last year's installment and there's nothing that truly stands out. As a matter of fact you'll probably be wondering where the actual gameplay is.. Either way that's not going to stop the die hard...


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Curtisj J Curtisj J says:
Shall I buy a PS3 or Xbox 360 Fifa 11 bundle?
Okay so Thursday is pay day and I really want Fifa 11 but have only got a Wii console. Although Fifa 10 was okay on Wii it gets ridiculously boring after a week or two and I want to experience it on either PS3 slim or Xbox 260. Which one do you...
Get the Xbox 360. I don't play Fifa but i love playing NBA in Xbox 360. which has more better graphics than the ps3. But you can use the ps3 for blu-ray and it's free online. Happy Gaming!! Best...

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