GoW Xbox360 Skin & Faceplate

Just bought the new Gears of War faceplate and side-skin set from GameStop for a good 20 bucks. Shown with the new black elite controller. If anyone is wonde...

Xbox 360 Accessories

Welcome to the world of Xbox 360-- the games world's most powerful, ingenious, and advanced platform ever! Since its unveiling on MTV on May 12, 2005, Xbox 360 has taken the world by storm. Preceded by the much-hyped Xbox, this extraordinary gaming platform is the second video game console produced by Microsoft The console totally sold out when it was released in all areas except for Japan. The...


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Connor T Connor T says:
Xbox 360 Faceplate and skin?
Ok, So i have the LE Res 5 xbox and I really want a skin, Dont ask why. I was think of a gears 2 one because the red fits in with the orignal colour of the console, But i really like a MW2 one on ebay... But im afraid that the red showing with the...
Rob says:
Your best option would be to take off your faceplate and spray paint it. All you need is white spray paint primer really. Primer will stick to plastic surfaces. Just apply a thin layer. If you...

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