Xbox 360 Slim Power Supply Fix / Repair

This video will show you how to fix an Xbox 360 Power Supply. I bought my Xbox 360 Slim a little over a year ago and it's already malfunctioning. The fan sto...

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bob bob says:
Where can I buy an AC adapter in china for my xbox 360 elite?
I live in Qingdao and I am looking for an AC adapter for my xbox 360 elite. I destroyed my original power cord that came with the Xbox when i bought it in Canada. I am now looking for a RELIABLE chinese website from where I could buy a...
[NXNeko] says:
You will need to do the following 1) Figure out which model xbox you have (Xenon, Falcon, Opus, etc) & the power cable it takes 2) Find the matching model in CN if they have it & buy the chinese...

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In the past hardware companies would just release an entirely new system after five or six years; after the extra-long Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 console cycle, though, they've embraced a series of midlife updates to try to keep pace with improvements in
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In 2007 Microsoft released an Xbox 360 Elite, then in 2010 the company revealed the Xbox 360 S (slim). The way the X is set up, the fan is able to cool both the processor system area (SoC, that is, system on chip), and the power supply at the same
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French Court Says Prisoner Can't Have a PS3, but Could Use Xbox 360
It seems Mr. B's PS3 was inspected by the prison administration and found ... Now the Xbox 360, which has no onboard Wi-Fi and which chiseled everyone by making you buy a wireless adapter (until the Slim models were released), is the more preferred gaming ...
Microsoft Xbox 360 Live 1-Year Gold Subscription Card (Xbox 360) (Xbox 360)
With increased speed, range and wireless security features, the Xbox 360 Wireless N Networking Adapter is your fastest connection to Xbox Live. Seamlessly download or stream HD movies, TV episodes, and games from Xbox Live marketplace in full 1080p
Hacked Portable xBox 360 "Laptop" Enclosure
You're torn between wanting to go to the pub and hang out at home playing games on your xBox 360 . Reddit user DBrizzle was faced ... There is no battery in this setup so you still require the AC adapter, but this is a great way to bring your games with ...

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