Xbox 360 Elite 120 GB Black Console Bundle (Controller,Cod6,Cod7,Headset) sale Thanks for watching any questions just ask.

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aznkutie aznkutie says:
how much is 120 GB for xbox 360 elite?
like what does tht mean? is it alot? cuz my grandma got me an xbox 360 elite 4 christmas. soo what is 120 GB?? is it alot or wat? im not a comp geek!! i hav no idea wat a GB is or a MB is!! lmao
Arminator says:
To make a few comparisons, I have to change the size units. I will use Gigabyte (GB) and Megabyte (MB). One GB is 1024 MB. To make it easier to compare in laymans terms: The data on a normal Xbox...

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Destructoid Quantum Break's Xbox One X patch is hysterically large
It isn't really a surprise to find out that a game is 40+ GB in this day and age. Its kind of a sad reality, but it makes some sense. Impressive graphics are gonna eat up space. What is really pushing it is when an upgrade patch for a game is larger
ExtremeTech Why Are Game Installation Sizes Still Increasing?
Fast forward nearly 30 years, and games of today commonly eat dozens of gigabytes per install, dwarfing the sizes that were common as recently as five years ago, at the end of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 era. To some extent, this is to be expected
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Microsoft cut Xbox 360 prices on all three of its console versions today. The $50 to $79 price cuts mean that Microsoft will have the cheapest new console on the market in the form of the Xbox 360 Arcade, which will now cost $199 compared to the $249

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The Next Xbox Console Will Reportedly Make The Kinect Mandatory
Among the biggest claims is that the console will only be released in one installment with 500 GB of storage. That's double the Xbox 360 Elite's 250GB storage. The system will also require it's motion detector sensing Kinect technology in ...
Defiance Requires 20GB HDD Space for Gameplay and DLC
and for those with the 4GB memory consoles you will be able to store all of this required space on a USB memory stick. The Xbox 360 console allows for 32GB to be allocated for console data regardless of higher capacity.
Xbox 360 Elite Problems
The advantage of the Xbox 360 Elite over its predecessor was that it contained a 120 GB capacity of memory, which made it possible to store more games and data on the hard drive of the console. Today, the Xbox 360 Elite has also become obsolete ...

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Xbox 360 Elite 120 GB
Xbox 360 Elite 120 GB