The 99 Dollar Xbox 360 Is A Rip Off!

MrMagnificentMedia's YouTube Channel! Gamespot Article on the 99 Dollar Xbox 360 :

Win a custom 250GB Dollar Dash Xbox 360 console & more ...

If you could add one weapon, power-up or game mode to Dollar Dash , what would you add and why?

If you haven’t tried out Dollar Dash yet, then click here and give the demo a shot and see if there is something you would like to see added to the game. Anything goes here. If you want a gun that fires dirty laundry, rainbows and kittens at your...


Questions & answers

Police-9/11 Police-9/11 says:
XBox 360???????????????????
Ok... should i get regular xbox 360 or xbox 360 elite? Also... WHY is it better than PS3 and how do I hook it up to the internet. O ya - whats the best game and how do I get and use microsoft points. and 1 more - whats Xbox live????? Thanks - I'm...
joevsyou says:
TO FIRST POST DUDE KNOWS NOTHI ABOUT 360 SO JUST BY HIM SAYING ELIET HAS LESS CHANCE. DIFFERENCE MODELS xbox arcade is just a system all white wireless controller and memory card that only...

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