how to clean your xbox 360 game disk [scratches]

here is the best way to clean it.

Re: Using a lens cleaning disk after the update - Forums

Recently I tried to use a lens cleaning disk in my XBOX 360 , these disks play like an audio disk and you select tracks to perform different cleaning options. But ever since the latest update I have not been able to get the disk to work. Post update the drive will not recognize it in the disk tray.

So how do I clean the lens of my XBOX now to prolong it's life?



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Luis Luis says:
What can i do to clean an xbox 360 game disc?
Raymond says:
Well an Xbox 360 game disc is the same thing as a DVD, but with a game file, You can use Windex to clean your disc, since your disc is like a window, if its dirty then your Xbox 360 can no read the...

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