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I for one welcome our new Xbox One overlords

So, if you weren't aware, Microsoft just revealed the new Xbox console, now known to be called Xbox One, in a huge tent on their Washington campus. Blogger won't let me upload my own capture of the reveal since it's 6.5 gigs, but if you'd like to see it it's available on a permanent loop over at Destructoid .

But back to the tent. If you doubt how big the tent is, well then tent...


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Levi Levi says:
Exactly how loud is the xbox 360's cooling fan?
Louder than a first generation PS2 cooling fan? please refer the noise level to that of something found around the house. No decidel readings or stuff like that. thanks for the help dickkweaven (aka joelius24)
rris-tusla says:
The 360 has two fans, both variable speed. The system uses a combination of internal heat readings and sampling of audio output to throttle the fans up and down. There has been a lot of negative...

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