Xbox 360 vs. PS3: Round 1 (Controller)

Xbox 360 vs. PS3: Round 1 (Controller) Console Wars: Season 1 TechnoBuffalo: Catch up on previous rounds: Round 1: Controller: http...

Xbox One Controller Design Detailed: Over 200 Prototypes Developed

Microsoft has unveiled details about the work that went into the final design of the Xbox One's controller. According to the company, the controller went through 200 different prototype iterations before arriving at its final phase. It includes over 40 technological innovations over the existing Xbox 360 pad, which came from 20 different research studies.

Many of the...


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Sparktite Sparktite says:
Can some one explain the ergonomics in the xbox 360 controllers?
Im very picky about my controllers. I have tried anything out there that anyone says is a nice or good controller. Nothing compares to the precision the ps3 controller has in their sticks. But the ergonomics suck. Can some one explain in detail...
Crack HEAD says:
xbox 360 wireless controller can play on windows pc, more comfortable, more spaced out, thumbs don't touch when playing my favorite games, I can use my rechargeable AA batteries, its not like a wii...

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CNET The Duke, original Xbox controller/doorstop, returns at CES
Somehow, for some unfathomable reason, father-of-the-Xbox Seamus Blackley secured Microsoft's blessing to bring The Duke back from the dead as a fully functional Xbox controller for gamers with a misplaced sense of nostalgia. In other words, gamers
Polygon Hori releasing a PS4 controller for people who prefer Xbox controllers
Hori is releasing an officially licensed PlayStation 4 wireless controller that should appeal to Xbox fans. The Onyx Wireless Controller from Hori, which hits stores later this month, mimics the asymmetrical analog stick layout of Microsoft's Xbox 360
How Much Is an Xbox 360 Controller
If you just got an Xbox 360 and want to pick up some additional controllers, you're in luck. It's been a few years since gaming welcomed the Xbox One, and thus the Xbox 360 controller, the older model, is a lot cheaper than it used to be. You can pick
TechSpot The best video game controller for the PC
Over the last decade, as more and more console titles have found prettier homes on the PC, and more and more indie action games hit the big time, the controller has become just as important as the mouse & keyboard for playing games. But out of the

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Learning XNA 4.0

Learning XNA 4.0

Published by O'Reilly Media 2010
ISBN 1449302769,9781449302764
540 pages
Want to develop games for Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7? This hands-on book will get you started with Microsoft's XNA 4.0 development framework right away -- even if you have no experience developing games. Although XNA includes several key concepts that can be difficult for beginning web developers to grasp, Learning XNA 4.0 shortens the learning curve by walking you through the framework in a clear and understandable step-by-step format. Each chapter offers a self-contained lesson with...

Xbox 360For Dummies

Xbox 360For Dummies

Published by For Dummies 2011
ISBN 1118084837,9781118084830
332 pages
Microsoft's Xbox now accounts for 37 percent of the game console market, and the new Xbox 360 is due out for the 2005 holiday season, months before Sony's PlayStation 3. When gamers take the new Xbox home, however, they'll soon discover that it's more than a just a game machine-it's a full-fledged home media hub with more power than most PCs. This friendly guide shows how to maximize both gaming and non-gaming features of this amazing machine. Topics covered include hooking up Xbox 360,...

Windows Vista®: Home Entertainment with Windows® Media Center and Xbox 360TM

Windows Vista®: Home Entertainment with Windows® Media Center and Xbox 360TM

Published by Microsoft Press 2010
ISBN 0735645795,9780735645790
384 pages
Connect! Create! Play! And discover digital home entertainment made easy with Windows Vista, Windows Media Center, and Xbox 360 . This book is full of activities that help you create a vivid entertainment experience in every room of your home. It’s loaded with easy how-to’s, helpful hints, and troubleshooting tips to help you focus on the fun. Let your imagination run wild and take a front row seat as you enjoy eye-popping graphics, 3D gaming on the big screen, and stunning cinematic...

The Xbox 360 Pocket Guide

The Xbox 360 Pocket Guide

Published by Peachpit Press 2009
ISBN 0321606043,9780321606044
176 pages
Here is your essential companion to Microsoft's Xbox 360 video game console. The Xbox 360 Pocket Guide steers you through how to Set up the Xbox 360 and hook up components. Discover and learn about the most popular games. Play with friends on Xbox Live, chat with other players, and purchase Microsoft Points. Make your way around the Xbox Live Marketplace. Pick the best Xbox controllers and other accessories. Turn your Xbox 360 into a home media center. Use older Xbox games on the 360.

Maximum PC

Maximum PC

Maximum PC is the magazine that every computer fanatic, PC gamer or content creator must read. Each and every issue is packed with punishing product reviews, insightful and innovative how-to stories and the illuminating technical articles that enthusiasts crave.

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Microsoft Tips More Xbox One Controller Details
Larry Hyrb, director of programming for the Xbox Live network, teased the new controller earlier this week with a Vine video that showed it creeping up on the old one. Today, he and the Xbox team broke down what Xbox One gamers can expect from ...
Xbox One controller gets deep-dive treatment
Other senses have also been amped up, with higher-quality audio support thanks to a fatter wireless pipe between controller and console. In fact, Microsoft claims that team conversations over Xbox LIVE can potentially be clearer than a phonecall.
Microsoft Details Nuances of Xbox One's Updated Controller
A lot of work went into designing the new controller for Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One console. Though it looks similar the Xbox 360's controller, there are subtle differences that are the result of 20 research studies around the world with more ...

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