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There are some key differences while comparing the Xbox One game cases with the ones for Xbox 360. The Xbox One case features a centered Xbox One logo with the green Xbox icon while on its side the game case is covered with a grey stripe repeating it. As we can recall, the Xbox 360 cases have a combination of white and green colors, but in this case Microsoft is going for the green and grey...


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Where Can I Buy Xbox 360 Case Mods?
I have been looking on the internet searching for Xbox 360 case mods and almost all the ones i find are a lot of money. Basically I want a nice case mod i.e. one with leds from a trusted cite at a good price. Plus if anyone has one they want 2...
John says:
You can consider buying 1)Xbox 360 CLEAR GHOST CASE - SMOKE CASE/HDMI/BLUE LIGHTS *Xbox 360 Clear Smoke Ghost Case Replacement *Includes Custom Dual Light Kit *Clear DVD drive lid / Clear dual Fan...

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A few years ago, Rockstar Games released the innovative L.A. Noire for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, proving that it could do more than the not-so-usual open world fare of its Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption games. It harkened back to a time Xbox One backwards compatibility: how does it actually work?
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Among the most welcome aspects of how Xbox One X operates are the improvements it presents across the board. Even without a patch, Xbox One games benefit from anisotropic filtering, as well as--in many cases--shorter load times, framerates that more

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Diablo 3 Confirmed For Xbox 360 Alongside PS3 And PS4
For a while there it looked like Diablo 3 may have managed to somehow become a Sony Sony exclusive, with the game so far only being announced by Activision-Blizzard for the PS3 and PS4. But that isn’t going to the case it seems, as now it’s ...
Win a MLG Vault Xbox 360 Slim case
UPDATE: Time Extend! We're now running the compo till 9:00am 24th June, the MLG Vault case release date. ORIGINAL STORY: If you're worried that your Xbox 360 couldn't intimidate a tiger or even a medium-sized dog, best be entering our latest competition.
Blizzard has announced that Diablo III will releasing on PS3 and Xbox 360 in September
This is the first time an Xbox 360 version has been mentioned, but there's still no word on whether the game will ... Are you excited to see an MMORPG on consoles? Is it a sign that consoles are moving forward? Let me know in the comments ...

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