PSP Touch Screen, Working (But not Sensitave!)

PSP touch screen finally works, I got this at game mod's PSP Modding website for about $99 and at first I thought it was crap for not working, but later I le...

Technology Review – Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Monster Hunter is a long running series in Japan, North America and Europe. With titles first appearing on the Playstation 2 in 2004 followed by the Playstation Portable or PSP both of which are owned by Sony. Monster Hunter Tri on the Nintendo Wii was the first game to grace a Nintendo system. Although Nintendo and Capcom, the developers and publishers of Monster Hunter, have worked...


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Aleli O Aleli O says:
What would you suggest, PSP or IPOD TOUCH?
i have my small laptop so i can use internet or download music or games do you think should i need to buy PSP or IPOD TOUCH ? i love to play games on my ps3. 10 points for best suggestion thanks!!!
Tarzan says:
The PSP Sony’s PlayStation Portable is considerably larger and bulkier than the new 30GB and 60GB iPods, but it has a much larger screen — it’s 4.3 inches, compared to the 2.5 inch display on the...

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There have previously been handheld consoles such as the GameBoy and the PSP which have captured imaginations but were definitely part of a separate market when compared to home gaming consoles. The Switch, however, seems to have changed all of that

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