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A quick look at the kind of PSP's and memory cards I sell on eBay under the username of sajidokidpsp and other websites. If you would like to buy one of my P...

Tips To Remove a Sony PSP Memory Stick » The Out Sourcing

Turn off your PSP. Do not attempt to remove a memory stick while the system is in use because the stick could be damaged and data lost.

Slide open the memory stick compartment cover.

Gently press down on the memory stick. This will activate ejection and pop it partially out of the compartment.

The Sony PSP uses flash-based external memory sticks to supplement its...


Questions & answers

John M John M says:
how do i format my sony memory stick pro duo 4gb with my psp ?
ok so i have a sony memory stick pro duo 4gb and i get corrupted data on it at first it as just one ever week or so but now i have like twenty and they wont delete so is my psp dead should i buy a new one or would formatting it help also how do...
Mr. 3.14™ says:
Formatting the memory stick means removing all the data that is already on it. Well, if you wish to do so, I can help. Go to the settings bar on your PSP. From there, scroll down to system...

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