Classic Game Room - PSP GO console review

Classic Game Room reviews the Sony PSP Go handheld video game console that plays videogames downloaded from the Sony Network instead of UMD discs. The new mo...

Handheld Garages Offer An Inexpensive Solution Due To Storage Needs

Programmer Kazunouri Yamauchi from Polyphony Digital bought the stage to introduce a Sony psp iteration of Gran Turismo. Our portable game will boast over 400 cars on 35 unique tracks, which enable it to allow players to swap cars their particular garages with other users. Our own game's release will coincide with this particular PSP Go on Oct. distinct.

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Ars Technica For console games, downloads are approaching a tipping point
On the PC, games distributed on discs in physical boxes have been a practical market rounding error for years now. Destiny 2's sales distribution highlights how the console game market may finally (and inexorably) be heading toward that point as well.
The Verge PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One X in pictures
While the Xbox One X is more powerful than the PS4 Pro in every major specification, it's also a lot smaller. Comparing the two, it's easy to spot the design differences. Sony has opted to spread its components over a larger footprint with a wedge, and
Gamasutra Tracing PlayStation's brief 'indie heaven' back to the humble PSP Go
From there Sony would launch the "Minis" program for small digitally-distributed games on the PSP Go. Former Minis account manager Shahid Kamal Ahmad recalls it as the first step in realizing a long-held goal: relaxing Sony's requirements for getting 
Zam News How Sony's biggest failure led to an indie renaissance
On October 1st 2009, Sony launched the PSP Go. More than four and a half years after the first model of Sony's PlayStation Portable handheld launched in the US, here was a svelte redesign with a sliding display and a far less bulky form factor than

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How Can Sony Make The PSP2 A Success?
Yes it’s true that the digital-only PSP Go was a disaster. But I’d argue that wasn’t the fault of it being a download-only system. No, it was because Sony released a unit with little software backing at a price that was almost a $100 more than a ...
Hands-On Preview: Class of Heroes 2 (Sony PSP)
A rookie mistake is to assume those points are static and to just go on with making your character. This ends up giving you, on average, only eight or nine bonus points – barely enough to make a character of even sub-par quality, limiting you ...
Sony PSP Go Leaked on Video, Official Photos Emerge
It’s cute, and it will sell alongside the current PSP 3000. The specs: 16GB flash storage Less than half the weight of the current PSP Bluetooth No UMD drive Memory Stick Micro Price is as yet undisclosed, but we’d hope that its cheaper than ...

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Sony PSP Go : сравнить цены. Купить Sony PSP Go ...
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Buy Sony PSP Go | Read Reviews | BIG W Online Store Australia
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Sony PSP Go - porównaj ceny w