Classic Game Room - PSP GO console review

Classic Game Room reviews the Sony PSP Go handheld video game console that plays videogames downloaded from the Sony Network instead of UMD discs. The new mo...

Ask PSLS: Which PS4 Game Do You Most Hope is Announced During E3 2013?

As a guy who plays a whole lot of RPGs, I would of course like to see something of that nature, whether it is my long awaited but likely to never happen Suikoden VI , or a more likely game from the Tales of series. What would be even more awesome would be an announcement of a PS4 collaboration between Studio Ghibli and Level 5 again, because I need another Ni no...


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bluebroughty bluebroughty says:
How to put videos on PSP ?
I just bought a 2gb memory card for my psp and have been trying to get my downloaded movies on to it.I have used PSP Video 9 to convert the movie to .mp4 and ive tryed to copy and paste into Video and that doesnt work and ive also tryed to do it...
DÖDSFALL66 says:
First of all, Sony designed PlayStation Portable as a mobile handheld gaming console. However, there are ways on how you can put your favorite videos in your PSP and actually make it an ultimate...

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Valkyria Chronicles 4 Announced, Turn-Based Strategy RPG Out in 2018 for Consoles
It's been six years since Valkyria Chronicles 3 launched exclusively on the Sony PSP, and fans of this cult tactical game have been crying out for a proper sequel. Valkyria Chronicles 4 is actually set around the time of the original game, albeit
Ars Technica For console games, downloads are approaching a tipping point
On the PC, games distributed on discs in physical boxes have been a practical market rounding error for years now. Destiny 2's sales distribution highlights how the console game market may finally (and inexorably) be heading toward that point as well. Sony's Syphon Filter Could Be Making A Comeback
In the meantime, though, you can check out the original game for PlayStation 3 and Sony PSP (as a PS One Classic), as well as the original PlayStation. Win a 500GB Xbox One S console, The Hitman's Bodyguard, and Valerian on UHD Blu-ray! Five Old-School Games That Are Perfect For Halloween
But then, thankfully, Konami gave it a shot on both the PSP with Dracula X Chronicles and the Wii Virtual Console service as a digital release, giving fans the chance to see the game for themselves. While Symphony of the Night is the greatest

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Sony Touts Console-Like Power of Upcoming NGP
Photo: Jonathan Snyder/ > View all SAN FRANCISCO — Sony is blurring the line between ... of a PC or PS3 than it is to Sony’s current portable, the PSP, according to a Sony executive speaking at the Game Developers ...
Calne teenager must repay cost of PSP games console stolen from friend's house (From The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)
An 18-year-old who admitted stealing a Sony PSP from his friend’s house has been told he must pay back the cost of the games console. Jacob Joseph Flay, of Dixon Way, Calne, appeared before Chippenham magistrates on May 30 after stealing the PSP ...
Big PSP Games Sale Now On On European Playstation Store
If you have missed some of the best PSP releases, you’ll be happy to know that you will be able to buy them for a discounted price for two weeks. Sony has launched a big PSP games sale, with many first party titles being available for incredibly low prices.

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