PS VITA vs Sony psp 3000 with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

This is a short video showing the Sony Playstation Vita next to a Sony psp 3000. In this video I compare the two machines, and talk about the differences a f...

Fieldrunners 2 Being Ported Over to PlayStation Vita

Another port of a mobile phone classic will be headed over to Sony's handheld system this summer.

It's been announced that Fieldrunners 2, which originally was on the iOS and ported over to Steam and Android systems earlier this year, will be released on the PlayStation Vita. Alec Shobin, marketing and strategy for Subatomic Studios that's behind the game, posted on the...


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kiki kathy kiki kathy says:
Lame question about Sony PSP? Storage and games?
Hi, I am torn between buying the PSP or the PS Vita. Basically, the PSP is cheaper but I really like the roster of games for the PSP since there are more (Tekken, Harry Potter, Twisted Metal, etc.). However, PS Vita is the more recent one and...
Micky says:
PSP is way cheaper than PS vita, if you don't mind buying one used. My bro got his psp 2000 for 60 dollars, and a vita costs over 200. There are a lot more games on psp than on vita but remember it...

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Allentown Morning Call 'Outraged' police officer starts fundraiser for man sued over 'PSP Strong' sign
Kemmerer's attorney, Andrew Bench, pointed out the nonprofit was denied trademarking PSP Strong by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office because of its similarity to Sony's PlayStation Portable game system. However, that decision is under appeal. Still
Capcom Slashes Price On Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS
Fortunately for them, Capcom is currently running a sale on the iOS version of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, a full-featured and surprisingly expansive Monster Hunter title that originally released for the Sony PlayStation Portable back in 2008. For
GamesRadar God of War director talks FIFA-inspired combat, learning from Mad Max, and getting your gear from the dwarves who ...
“We spent about two years in a conference room, we'd go out there for weeks at a time and we would just hang out in the conference room all day writing and attacking different problems and trying to work out this overall plan for the video game that
IG Nintendo vs Sony: Who's winning the console war in handheld gaming?
Speaking at the Tokyo Game Show in September, House said the hybrid console demonstrates Nintendo has a 'different approach and strategy', adding that Sony have not seen the handheld gaming market outside of Japan and Asia as a 'huge market opportunity

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