Secret Agent Clank PSP: Part 1 - Boltaire Museum

Boltaire Museum is robbed by an unexpected assailant, while Secret Agent Clank breaks into the Museum's security to know what is going on. Secret Agent Clank...

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Sampath S Sampath S says:
how to put secret agent clank cso into the psp?
i had downloaded a game called secret agent clank from mini nova and when i put the game into my psp it says corrupted file pls help me
David says:
Assuming that your PSP has M33 firmware, and you place the CSO in the ISO folder on your memory stick, and it gives you the error message....then the CSO is corrupt. If you have other CSOs and they...

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IGN Secret Agent Clank Review
When we're looking at this as strictly a PS2 outing -- nothing has been added or subtracted in the PSP-to-console conversion -- we're left with some very lackluster visuals. When it was playing on the small screen, Secret Agent Clank looked really good
Ars Technica Game Review: Secret Agent Clank (PSP)
It's a charming idea: constant sidekick Clank gets his own game and has to rescue his buddy Ratchet. Even better? It turns out Clank is a secret agent in his spare time. The problem is the title doesn't have the game play to live up to the great setup Secret Agent Clank Also Getting The PSP To PS2 Treatment?
Looks like Sony will be bringing former PSP exclusive Secret Agent Clank to the PlayStation 2, one those 70 games coming to the last-gen PlayStation, according to a new listing from GameFly. Ratchet & Clank fans may remember the previous PSP outing

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