Open a PSP Slim and replace the UMD Drive

Learn how to open a PSP 2001 (slim) and replace the UMD drive. To purchase a new UMD Drive or other parts for your PSP slim go to: http://www.ConsoleZombie.c...

10X Replacement UMD Game Disc Case Shell for Sony PSP |

Product Description of “10X Replacement UMD Game Disc Case Shell for Sony PSP”

Replaces the broken or cracked UMD cases

Works with all versions of the PSP

Package included: 10 X UMD case

Spesification of “10X Replacement UMD Game Disc Case Shell for Sony PSP” are :

  • Brand new & high quality
  • Replacement original part
  • ...


Questions & answers

looking 4 a summer job looking 4 a summer job says:
Sony PSP or Nintendo DS Lite?
I have an urgent need to choose between Sony PSP or Nintendo DS lite, which one is a better choice: The paramters are Games that can be played - from 8yr olds to Young Adults Price - both games, and console Reliability Longetivity - replacement...
Harold s says:
okw ell on your parameterrs games the psp has much more mature games and will be more on the gamer intense side, like fps and basicly "mindless" games dun get me wrong of course there are a wide...

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