Xbox 360 Elite 120GB (DEAD!!!!!!) RED RING OF DEATH

360 died with RROD thanks to Xbox Live update that added the Facebook & Twitter applications UPDATE: Got replaced model from Microsoft free of charge within ...

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Niku Niku says:
xbox 360 elite red ring of death, Help?
ok, so i have a xbox 360 elite and was playing fifa 10 and my 360 out of no where shuts down and 2 red lights start flashing, is it broken, what do the 2 lights mean? i got this in february 2008 and it has the falcon chip also before it get the...
chadb4184 says:
Your xbox doesn't have to be under the original 1 year warranty to get if fixed for free. I just got my replacement 360 back yesterday for the very same problem. They will send you a new xbox if...

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