Extreme-Mods.com 50mode Rapid Fire Xbox 360 Controller Review

Extreme-Mods.com 50mode Rapid Fire Xbox 360 Controller Review.

easy-to-fix: Zebra (pink LEDs and buttons) Xbox 360 Modded ...


  • 10 Modes of rapid fire (FASTEST POSSIBLE FOR BLACK OPS, MW2)
  • Works with Halo, ALL Call of Duty games, Gears of War, and MORE!
  • User programmable mode

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Questions & answers

Lisa Lisa says:
i am looking for a rapid fire controller for xbox 360?
my boyfriend loves his xbox and plays the new cod all the time. he was talking about a controller that lets him shoot faster. it's for christmas so i don't really have a price limit so far. does anyone know where i can get a really good one...
ModzLink says:
I sell them for $75 for a 4 mode rapid fire controller. if you're interested please visit my website. xbox 360 > custom mods > rapid fire controller

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