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Here is Lisa Gade's review of the Sony PlayStation Vita gaming system. Check out Lisa's in-depth written review at:

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shoaeb shoaeb says:
how to play psp games on ps vita?
I don't have ps3 and I don't have psn account yet.? But I do have PS vita.....and I want to play some of my psp games that I had downloaded them free. I haven't purchased them from psn store. So my question is....will I ever be able to psp games...
The Shadow™ ® says:
You need to buy the psp games as digital downloads , if the game is compatible ( there are 275 psp games that are compatible with psVita so far ) then you sign into your psn account and buy the...

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Siliconera Clannad And Island Headed To PS4 In Japan This June In Full HD
Prototype announced two visual novel titles that are headed to PS4 in Japan this June with the classic title Clannad by Key and the Front Wing-developed title Island. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.] Clannad will release for PS4 in Japan on June 14, 2018 for 5 PS Vitaで遊べる対象タイトルが最大90%オフ。PSPの名作からPS Vitaのヒット作までを揃えた「春のPS Vitaセール」がPS ...
ソニー・インタラクティブエンタテインメントジャパンアジアは,PlayStation Vitaで遊べる対象タイトルが最大90%の「春のPS Vitaセール」を,PlayStation Storeで本日(2018年3月15日)開始した。セールは4月4日まで。 今回のセールでは,PSPの名作からPS Vitaのヒット作までを揃えたとのことで,セールページの数 PS Vita用ソフト「金色のコルダ3 フルボイス Special」「金色のコルダ3 AnotherSky feat.神南/至誠館/天音学園」が2018年内に ...
2013年9月にPSP版が,2015年2月に3DS版が発売された「フルボイス Special」は,「星奏学院」に転校してきた主人公が,オーケストラ部の一員として全国大会優勝を目指しながら,仲間やライバルとの恋愛が楽しめる女性向け恋愛・育成シミュレーションゲームだ。 2014年にPSP向けに発売された「feat. 神南」「feat
Daily Star PS Plus March 2018 FREE PS4 Games: Here's when Sony's ...
IT'S almost that time of the month again - Sony's lineup of free-to-download PS4 and PSVR games will be announced soon unless they leak beforehand.

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Why Is Pro Evolution Soccer Going To PSP, And Not The Vita Or 3DS?
“Does it matter? A very small team work on it. Very small.” It stands to reason; the PSP remains popular in Japan, where Pro Evolution Soccer is the top football title despite FIFA’s dominance elsewhere in the world. But still, why not the ...
Class of Heroes 2 now available on PSN for PSP and PS Vita
Class of Heroes 2 is now available on the PlayStation Network for both the PSP and the PS Vita. The newly localized digital release was originally developed by ZeroDiv of Japan, renowned for their expertise in creating dungeon crawlers, and ...
Top 10 PlayStation Vita Games of 2012
Reports of the PS Vita's death were greatly exaggerated. Like the PSP before it, the PlayStation Vita got off to a sluggish start and failed to unseat Nintendo's handheld dominance, but it gradually carved out a niche and developed its own loyal fanbase ...

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