How to Repair and Disassemble a PSP 1000 - How to disassemble and repair a Sony PSP 1000.

PSP Repair Guide – How to Repair Your Own PSP!

If you want to unleash the full power of your PSP game system or if you just want to repair your own PSP game system to save money then this guide is for you!

Notice: Don’t get scammed! Most PSP repair guides found on the internet contain little or no useful repair information. With over 950 pages of tips, tricks, & repair instructions, the Easy PSP Repair Guide is the ultimate...


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Chubby Lumpkins Chubby Lumpkins says:
Send PSP to Sony for repair?
Have you ever sent your PSP or other Sony product to Sony for repair? Were you satisfied with their service? Was it worth it?
Roland says:
I bought an HDTV from them a year back. It started making popping noises 10 months later, so I requested an exchange (still under warranty). They sent me a refurbished one in a box with a prepaid...

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