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quick tutorial on how to open a psp 1001 to replace motherboard wifi power switch lcd.

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michyme216 michyme216 says:
Recommendations on PSP accessories?
Hi. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on a great case, screen protector and maybe a cleaning kit for it? thanks!
Jennifer P says:
Here is my opinion. The best case you will find out there in local stores is a case called "PSP Traveling Case". You can hold 2 UMD games and 2 Memory Sticks. But read this also. The best case...

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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker retrospective
In greener days I had a crap job, and saved up for months to buy a premium PSP pack at launch - loads of accessories ... Peace Walker isn't the first game to have a camera - it isn't even the first Metal Gear Solid to have a camera. And these days ...
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ac adapter for PSP,parts for PSP,accessories for PSP
Wholesale PSP Spare Parts(PSP-925) - Sony PSP Accessories on TVC-Mall ...
Wholesale PSP Spare Parts(PSP-925) - Sony PSP Accessories on TVC-Mall ...
Wholesale PSP Spare Parts(PSP-925) - Sony PSP Accessories on TVC-Mall ...
Wholesale PSP Spare Parts(PSP-925) - Sony PSP Accessories on TVC-Mall ...