PSP 16gb Memory Stick Pro HG Duo unboxing

Just bought it yesterday (3/16/11). Cost 83$ (3700 pesos). Original and not fake!! Content: -Fast 30Mb/s file transfer -16gb capacity (15gb) -Fast read of fi...

PSP 3000 (Classic Review)

Sony unveiled their third iteration of the Play Station Portable (PSP 3000) in the fall of 2008, with minor cosmetic changes and a few hardware add on and software tweaks as well. At first glance, the changes are hardly recognizable unless compared side by side with its predecessor, design-wise the PSP 3000 have better ergonomics than the PSP 2000 because of its well contoured...


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saleemshahzad007 saleemshahzad007 says:
What u mean mark 2 for psp memory stick pro duo?
I want psp memory stick in cheap price so i search in i found so many items but 1 item shocked me the price is just 540₹ of memory stick but on the item there is written that mark2 for psp pro duo wat is this mark 2 should i buy this...
Llama P!mp says:
yeh i waz lik al redy 4 lik gamz n sh!t 4 psp bt cudnt fnd memory stik dat ams mrk2 psp pro lol zomg ftw gay fag. no wat im sayz?

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