PSP Memory card unboxing

This is the Unboxing of the PSP 1GB Memory card, originally for a Sony phone, this memory card actually works in the PSP.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss - Golden Abyssmal

When the PlayStation Vita was released in February of last year, one of the launch titles was Uncharted: Golden Abyss, the subject of this review. As a PlayStation Plus member, I was able to get a few Vita games for free, which happened to include this one and Gravity Rush . While the release of this game wasn't exactly confidential, I decided to download it, figuring it had potential...


Questions & answers

Faith<3'sWHO??? Faith<3'sWHO??? says:
Memory card on PSP Help???!!!!?
Ok I might get a PSP in Sept. or Oct. I was look online on Gamestop. And I was wondering what do you use a memory card for????
Dan-the-man says:
The Memory Card saves all your progress throughout the games you play and saves music files, video files and other media such as pictures and themes. It is best to buy a good memory card with a lot...

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The Vita offers support for PS One classics, as well as some PSP titles. For Japanese role-playing The portable nature of the Vita has always made digital buys the preferable choice — as long as you have a memory card to house them all. If the
Touch Arcade SwitchArcade Roundup: 'Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap' Sale, 'Splitter Critters', and More
The game adds a new drone to the experience, which you can control with the analog sticks. You then use A to trigger the splitting process, and use the left stick to control the angle you split. The touchscreen is more accurate for creating the angle
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Target and Best Buy giving $50 gift cards with Vitas
In each case, you will be able to get a $50 Target or Best Buy gift card when you buy the $249.99 Wi-Fi model Vita, depending on which store you go to ... and so many people graduating high school and college in the first two weeks of June.
What sony franchise would you like to see a vita exclusive sequel for
I'm considering a Vita again because it's on sale for $199.99 right now with a 4 GB memory card and a game I will probably sell and Persona 4 Golden is on sale as well for $29.99 right now. One problem is, I would like to get caught up on the PSP library ...
Sony's new PSP an instant hit
The good news is the disc-loading lag is no worse than with the PS2. Gaming is a pleasure on the PSP. It's a more immersive and personal experience ... which is displayed as a drive. Battery power is impressive, enough to watch at least a couple of ...

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