[PSP] GOD OF WAR: CHAINS OF OLYMPUS (gameplay - Killing the Basilisk)

God of War: Chains of Olympus This video shows the killing of the Basilisk. (Sorry for missing a few strikes, last time I have played this game was almost a ...

PSP Review: God of War – Ghost of Sparta | Blogcritics

Sony’s Greek God of Cash is back in action as Kratos returns to the PSP in God of War: Ghost of Sparta . A prequel (and kind of a sequel) that is set between God of War and God of War 2 .

This time, Kratos, now the God of War and the titular Ghost of Sparta, is raging (still) against all sorts of mythological enemies in search of his long lost brother,...


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A!M_2_P!ease A!M_2_P!ease says:
God of war psp (March08)?
are you ready for the psp version of god of war "for all my psp holders" i know i am :) excuse me, but that is so,false read "me" Developer(s) Ready at Dawn Studios Publisher(s) Sony Computer Entertainment Engine Ready At Dawn Engine 2.0...
"Chynna" says:
God of war for the psp comes out today - but the actual God of War psp is due to come out in June. I am so EXCITED!!! God of war (in my opinion) is THE greatest game EVER. My husband even looks...

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Niche Gamer New Paris Games Week 2017 Gameplay Trailer for God of War PS4
Sony Interactive Entertainment and Sony Santa Monica have released a new trailer for their upcoming God of War game. Featured above The thing is that Ascension just like the PSP games is a prequel so him being more human there makes sense. He has 
Express.co.uk PS4 games shock as Sony revive THIS PlayStation franchise
There are also more being primed for launch in 2018, with God of War, Days Gone and Shadow of the Colossus all looking like they will arrive on time. There's a great mix of old and new franchises to look forward to next year and it appears that Sony
Comicbook.com Sony's Syphon Filter Could Be Making A Comeback
While we're enjoying a number of Sony franchises these days – like Crash Bandicoot and the returning God of War – there are a number that have fallen off the wayside since thriving on the original PlayStation. One of these is Syphon Filter, the third
O Barquinho Cultural (Blogue) Produtores do game 'God of War' confirmam presença na CCXP 2017
Umas das séries de games mais contempladas e vendidas do mundo, God of War é confirmada para a quarta edição da Comic Con Experience 2017, trazendo 

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PSP sale sees big discounts on Killzone Liberation, God of War, Jak & Daxter & more
Sony has reduced a range of PSP classics by 50 per cent on PlayStation Store, offering big savings on God of War: Chains of Olympus, Killzone: Liberation, LocoRoco 2, MotorStorm: Arctic Edge and more. Each game is available for just £3.19, discounted from ...
FYI: Get Six God of War Games For $60
The deal is good until March 24th, 2013. God of War Saga contains every God of War game (save the obscure mobile title) across PS2, PS3 and PSP. So, God of War (PS2), God of War II (PS2), God of War III (PS3), God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP ...
God of War: Ascension Review for PS3
The game physics behind the grapple are really remarkable ... The game relies heavily on this new technique, and ultimately alters the core GoW gameplay, so it’s worth mastering both in and out of combat. The Blades of Chaos are still Kratos’ primary ...

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