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Pipe Dreams – E3 2013 Edition

Do you know what a lot of people this week have been asking me? “ Duncan, you’re into video games, what video game sequels are you hoping for at E3? ” I’m just being facetious. Nobody has asked me that. Doesn’t matter though, because I’m giving my answer anyway, these are the Top 5 video game sequels I’m Pipe Dreaming will be announced at E3 2013!

I have faith that...


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BGR India Samsung Galaxy S9 leaks sheds more light on its camera and 3D Emoji feature
In terms of features, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are expected to be iterative updates, so there won't be any major changes in the design department. We have already seen press renders of the device detailing what the final device will look, and there
Times of India ISL 'is fine', but Mehtab still pines for I-League with EB
The midfielder, though, is now well-settled at Jamshedpur but says he wants to go back to East Bengal before retirement. “Had I played in this East Bengal team, I would have given them the I-League. The foreigners were in form and there wasn't much
Times of India Candid camera pictures capture India's tea drinking culture
Both, the still photographs and the film have turned out to our satisfaction.'' In the process, the photo teams busted some myths as well. A sizeable population of South Indians also enjoys tea, contrary to the perception that they only love coffee. An The Game Chill Over Cardi B's Crip Diss ... She Meant No Harm
The Game wants everyone who's pissed at Cardi B for dissing the Crips to chill out and let the whole thing go 'cause he says she meant nothing by it. We got the Compton rapper Saturday night at Penthouse in WeHo, where he'd just seen Cardi perform

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Then there were three: Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and the evolution of the Electronic Entertainment Expo
Jeff Green, former journalist and current director of editorial and social media at PopCap, remembers the Nintendo 64 as the star of 1996. "Back then there was a sort of superiority and elitism about the PC gaming crowd that I was a part of ...
Sony: All PS4 Games Will Be Compatible With Playstation Vita
Other than games that will require external peripherals to function – such as the PS4’s Eye camera – Sony’s handheld will ... Sony botched the integration of the PSP with the PS3 considering how it wasn’t compatible with many games ...
Bogus ‘PSP’ computer scam stamped out by European police
The criminals then go on to steal data and information from the victim ... “I was still ill with worry but it kept me sane”; “I have now covered the camera on my PC with black tape.” PSP police advise anyone who may be the target of a computer ...

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