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Pipe Dreams – E3 2013 Edition

Do you know what a lot of people this week have been asking me? “ Duncan, you’re into video games, what video game sequels are you hoping for at E3? ” I’m just being facetious. Nobody has asked me that. Doesn’t matter though, because I’m giving my answer anyway, these are the Top 5 video game sequels I’m Pipe Dreaming will be announced at E3 2013!

I have faith that...


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KPRC Click2Houston Thief caught on camera stealing from tip jar at downtown restaurant
"My brother texted me saying someone just stole our tips, so I went back on the cameras and I was like, wow, this dude literally had the audacity to stick his hands in there five times without nobody seeing," manager Anthony Tran said. "There was a
WPRI 12 Eyewitness News Speed camera settlement includes $20 refunds
According to a settlement agreement between the City of Providence and plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit over the speed camera program, drivers who were cited between January 16 and April 15 can either contest their tickets or take a $20 automatic
9to5Mac Logi Circle 2 HomeKit camera now easier to mount with new magnetic base
Logitech already makes my go-to HomeKit camera with the Logi Circle 2 ($177.98, reg. $179.99), and today a new mounting option is being introduced to make positioning the camera in just the right spot much easier. Magnetic Mount ($19.99) works with Susie Dent from Countdown has explained where the word 'bollocks' came from
nice little Dirty Dancing/Countdown joke which is something I never expected to write. Susie, YOU ARE NEVER TOO LATE. NOBODY PUTS SUSIE IN A CORNER. — Alan Synnott (@alansynnott) May 21, 2018. Top work everyone, we can all go home now.

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Then there were three: Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and the evolution of the Electronic Entertainment Expo
Jeff Green, former journalist and current director of editorial and social media at PopCap, remembers the Nintendo 64 as the star of 1996. "Back then there was a sort of superiority and elitism about the PC gaming crowd that I was a part of ...
Sony: All PS4 Games Will Be Compatible With Playstation Vita
Other than games that will require external peripherals to function – such as the PS4’s Eye camera – Sony’s handheld will ... Sony botched the integration of the PSP with the PS3 considering how it wasn’t compatible with many games ...
Bogus ‘PSP’ computer scam stamped out by European police
The criminals then go on to steal data and information from the victim ... “I was still ill with worry but it kept me sane”; “I have now covered the camera on my PC with black tape.” PSP police advise anyone who may be the target of a computer ...

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