Classic Game Room - PSP GO Accessory Grab Bag review!

Classic Game Room reviews a grab bag of Sony PSP Go accessories from eBay, how much can you get for $15 + free shipping? Lots! Screen protectors, cases, char...

CrazyOnDigital Sony PSP Go 8 Item Accessory Bundle ...


Load up on new accessories for your Sony PSP Go game

This accessory bundle is a must have for Sony PSP Go Owner. The deal does not get better than this. You will receive total 8 items: PSP Go Pouch, PSP Go Skin case, Hard Crystal Case, USB Wall Charger, USB Car Charger, USB Data Cable, 2x Screen Protectors



Questions & answers

buangjerryl167 buangjerryl167 says:
Where can I buy Some PSP accessories?
I have a psp and I could never find some accessories for it. The accessories I really want is the camera for the psp. does anyone know where I can get it?
Legasy says:
You can buy PSP Camera and accessories at Camera for PSP- PSP...

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