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PSP Bundle?
I want to get my 14 y/o son a nice PSP bundle. I don't know which to choose. There is PlayStation Portable Console With Daxter Entertainment Pack (PSP) - Ice Silver Skin, PlayStation Portable Console With Star Wars Battlefront Entertainment...
eaglekeeper_98 says:
god of war is a bloody M rated game that features quite a bit of nudity, so it might not be the best for your 14 year old. thats up to you. but the blood red color rocks hard. daxter might be a...

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This RSS feed URL is deprecated It looks like PS4 Parappa Remastered is the PSP game running under emulation
What is surprising - maybe even a little cheeky - is that Sony is re-selling old PSP code with refreshed textures on its current-gen machine. Parappa, Loco Roco and Patapon cost £11.99 each, or £24.99 in a bundle pack. Despite their PSP origins, the
Geek 6 Awesome Star Wars Video Games in Humble Bundle's Huge May the 4th Sale
This always astonishing company is celebrating May the 4th with a bundle of incredible Star Wars games. For low, low prices, you're able to get some . I still own and play this game on PSP because I refuse to give it up. However, they've actually
GameSpot Star Wars PS4 Games Sale At The PlayStation Store In The US
Additionally, all manner of Star Wars pinball games and tables are on sale this week. You can go with Pinball FX3 - Star Wars Pinball for $5, or go all in and get 10 tables in Star Wars Pinball Season 1 Bundle for $12. A number of Star Wars PS3 and
Report: Sony Will Stop Making Physical PS Vita Games
Like the PSP before it, the Vita was more popular in Japan than in other territories like North America and Europe, something Sony executives mentioned regularly. Despite a system refresh, the PS Vita fell by the wayside. Players often asked about Sony

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Bundle Stars Releases Atomic Indie Bundle
Bundle Stars is at it again with their 8th bundle. This time working with SpecialEffect to help those with disabilities to enjoy games, the Atomic Indie Bundle collects 12 games for the low price of $5.00 US (AUD$5). This great price offers ...
God of War: Ascension PS3 bundle includes all six games
This includes God of War, God of War II, God of War III, and the God of War: Origins Collection (which includes PSP games God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta). In addition, the God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle includes a 30-day ...
US PS Store and Plus update, June 4 – Remember Me, Limbo, Crysis 3 multiplayer
Ridge Racer Unbounded – PS3 Game (now: $24.99 original price: $44.99) Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – PS3 Game (now: $34.99 original price: $49.99) Tekken: Dark Resurrection – PS3 Game (now: $14.99 original price: $19.99) Tekken: Dark ...

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