how to download free psp games to your psp

how to download free psp games please send comments you need custom firmware to to be able to play the games PLEASE SUBSCRIBE THE PASSWORD IS...

How you can Eliminate iMesh DRM from VideoS and Songs

iMesh is a popular media and file sharing website. The subscription tracks from iMesh are Windows Media Audio (WMA) tracks are protected, which avoids you from playing them on other players like Apple' iPod. Nonetheless, often you could have downloaded some songs on iMesh and wish to transfer the iMesh to common format so that you are able to import them to your iPod, iPhone, iPad, and so on....


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gd gd says:
no sound with a converted psp file?
ok i recently downloaded WinAvi to convert rmvb video files into the right format for my psp. i converted and transferred the files successfully, but when i went to watch the videos on my psp, they played with no sound. the audio was fine before...
The PSP is very picky about video format. The only format it accept is MPEG-4. If your video already is MP4 format and your PSP firmware version is below V3.0: 1) create a folder named "MP_ROOT"...

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Two men will be charged with involuntary manslaughter and other misdemeanor offenses for allegedly causing the death of Nancy Folcomer by target shooting without a backdrop in North Hopewell Township, according to state police. Jeremy Michael It looks like PS4 Parappa Remastered is the PSP game running under emulation
The evidence here is compelling, with several hackers providing proof of a small number of other PSP titles running on PlayStation 4 using the same emulation wrapper. Essentially, within the PS4 package, a configuration file points to a PSP UMD disc
Ars Technica Hackers find “official,” usable PSP emulator hidden in PS4's PaRappa
Others in the GBATemp thread, though, warn that a long list of PSP games apparently don't yet work via PaRappa's "PSPHD" emulator, and it may require more massaging to get arbitrary games to fit (KiiWii suggests the emulator may have a built-in file
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