New PSP-2000 PSP Slim & Lite Replacement Shell Faceplates

PSP-2000 Slim & Lite Replacement Faceplates: PSP Sized Screwdriver: The Gamers Voice unveils the new PSP-2000 (AKA PSP Slim & Lite) replacement faceplates. T...

How Replace PSP Faceplates eHow | hammock stand 2 reviews

How Replace PSP Faceplates eHow

Best Buy PSP Faceplate Replacement Bronze

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Questions & answers

katonart katonart says:
PSP faceplate?
Are there any game/computer (i.e. CompUSA, Circuit City) stores that would sell a replacement PSP faceplate? Or is it only somthing you can get online?
dreamlinerguy says:
i belive those stores dont have it but you can buy it off the internet. what exactly happened to your faceplate? because on the internet you can find different color + designs of faceplates for the...

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