(+[PSP]::) Faceplate Change Tutorial

A how to, to change your (+[PSP]::) faceplate...

PlayStation Portable 1000 (PSP) Skin - NEW - MATTE BLACK ...

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IGN PSP Faceplate Review
By Gerry Block Cracking open expensive electronics and voiding warranties is rarely a project for the faint of heart. On the other hand, customization is all the rage these days. From cell phones to cars, adding your own personal touch to the gear you
IGN Camy Pro Gear Yakuza PSP Faceplates
By Gerry Block Showing off a PSP won't get you quite as much recognition as it did back when the handheld first came out, but for those still rocking one (and there are some compelling reasons to do so if you dig the hacking and homebrew scene
engadget (blog) Sony PSP faceplates add color to US units
Nevermind all those PSP2 rumors swirling about, as the real beef all you PSP owners (at least, one's that don't demolish them for fun) have with Sony is the lack of colored units here on American soil. Apparently, someone finally figured out that
Game Revolution Nintendo Should Opt For Cosmetic Options on Existing Consoles Instead of Making New Ones
The New Nintendo 3DS almost side-stepped this issue entirely with the introduction of changeable faceplates. Instead of paying $200 for a new system, you could just drop $20-30 for a new faceplate set, slap them on the front and back, and get the same

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