(+[PSP]::) Faceplate Change Tutorial

A how to, to change your (+[PSP]::) faceplate...

PlayStation Portable 1000 (PSP) Skin - NEW - MATTE BLACK ...

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IGN PSP Faceplate Review
Replacement faceplates for the PSP are now widely available in all kinds of colors and finishes, and performing the required surgery is actually a rather simple process. Nevertheless, when it comes to gaming, you've got to be sure your modifications
IGN Camy Pro Gear Yakuza PSP Faceplates
We've taken a look at replacement PSP faceplates in the past and many of the editors made the switch to interesting colors like emergency orange (Gerry), white (Bozon) and clear (Chobot). They're fun, especially when people in airports stop to ask
engadget (blog) Sony PSP faceplates add color to US units
Apparently, someone finally figured out that blessing foreign lands with a rainbow-like assortment of PSP colors wasn't exactly fair to us North Americans, and now we're seeing blue and silver Sony faceplates pop up for those who don't mind a bit of
Hackaday The Lichtspiel: Not A Simple Child's Toy.
[Stefan] built a simple wooden enclosure, spray painting it black, and including supports that the faceplate screws into for easy maintenance. Covering the LED strip is a painted acrylic strip to act as a diffuser and make each light distinct. The

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