PSP-E1004 Trailer

The new PSP console by Sony Entertaiment.

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Amer Amer says:
A question about psp consoles?
how many psp types are there and what are the specifications of each one and can you play the same games on all the types or are there special games for every type?
Ashroft says:
There's five types of PSP: PSP-1000(First Generation,2004,'Fat',Bigger in size and weight,Wi-Fi) PSP-2000(Second Generation,2007,Slimmer,Less in Weight and newer Motherboard,Wi-Fi) PSP-3000(Third...

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Kotaku Nintendo's Newest Line-Up Of Switch Indie Games Includes Promising Ports And A Cool-Looking Pool Game
the Nintendo Switch is the true successor to the PSP (and PlayStation Vita), where Lumines initially thrived. Reigns King & Queens, a combo pack of both mobile Reigns games that are all about swiping through branching stories. They are very good
Gematsu Lumines Remastered announced for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC
Lumines Remastered is an HD remake of the original Lumines (pronounced “lou-min-es”) that debuted in 2004 as a PlayStation Portable (PSP) launch title. Earning high praise and awards, it remained the top-rated title on the platform for four years and
Forbes Everyone Thought Mobile Would Kill Game Consoles. Here's Why That Didn't Happen
While it was a strategic area for all the gaming companies, and most were bullish on it, the way the mobile app marketplaces evolved, with freemium and very low prices being the norm, simply didn't support gaming companies the way the console game
Sega Genesis Collection for PS4 and Xbox One Announced
SEGA will also ensure the Steam version has parity with the console version starting May 29. SEGA previously released a similar collection for PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2009 called Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (as well as an even earlier PSP/PS2

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Calne teenager must repay cost of PSP games console stolen from friend's house
An 18-year-old who admitted stealing a Sony PSP from his friend’s house has been told he must pay back the cost of the games console. Jacob Joseph Flay, of Dixon Way, Calne, appeared before Chippenham magistrates on May 30 after stealing the PSP, worth ...
Games Inbox: PSP success, PlayStation 4 reliability, and The Last Of Us demo
I’m sure I can’t be the only person shocked by the PSP sales on the recently posted Wikipedia link to console sales. It trounced much loved consoles such as the Super Nintendo, Mega Drive and the NES. Has there ever been a console that’s sold so many ...
PSP Gone: Sony Kills Off Two-Year Old Console
Cute, but doomed: The PSPgo will no longer be made by Sony. Photo Jim Merithew / Sony has announced that it will no longer make the little PSPgo portable games console. Speaking to Japanese site Impress, Sony confirmed rumors that the ...

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... nouvelle PSP). Pour visionner le tout, rendez-vous sur cette page
... nouvelle PSP). Pour visionner le tout, rendez-vous sur cette page
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PSP GAME CONSOLE >> Psp Reviews | Psp Game Prices Guide