Phat PSP USB Charge Mod

I modded my psp to be able to charge via usb from my pc or wall adaptor. visit and look in the tutorials section if you want to know how to ...

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Mr Link Mr Link says:
Why won't my Gamestop Psp charger fit?
Heres the deal, I went to New York to visit my dad, and forgot my charger, i called my mom and asked her to mail it here but it never arrived and my mom did send it because its not here in texas, anyways i went two weeks without one and finally...
salvador c says:
If your charger don't work just tell them to give u refund and tell them the problem with it .tell them the charger don't fit in your psp.and they will probably give your money back.if other...

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GeekDad (blog) Geek Daily Deals Jan. 02, 2018: 2-Pack of USB Wall Chargers for $7; Bluetooth Headphones
not easy to break, stylish colors, surface coating, coating protection to prevent finger scratching. Small in size, light in weight, compact and easily portable, No matter where, it is perfect. Compatible Device: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Tablet, Samsung
CBS News Missing Calif. student Blaze Bernstein found dead, case investigated as homicide
He didn't bring his wallet or a phone charger. I don't think he planned on this being a long trip and he just disappeared." Investigators have interviewed the friend several times, and he is not in custody, Valentine said. Valentine wouldn't speak to
BGR India Huawei Honor 9 Lite Review: Four cameras and stunning looks
and is fabricated on the 16nm FitFET+ process. It's considered on par with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC, and the Honor 9 Lite does indeed perform at the same levels. Although the Qualcomm chipset does in my opinion offer slightly better battery
AMD PSP : le module cryptographique est affecté par une vulnérabilité
Une publication de Cfir Cohen, un chercheur en sécurité du Google Cloud Security Team, vient nous apprendre que l'entreprise est sur un autre champ de bataille ; elle travaille au déploiement d'un correctif de sécurité qui affecte le module

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Portable Battery Charger uses solar technology.
March 7, 2008 - Using solar energy, FreeLoader 8.0 can power iPod for 18 hr, mobile phone for 44 hr, PSP for 2.5 hr, and PDA for 22 hr. Charger features durable casing and ability to fold into minimal device that can be slipped into pocket or handbag.
Calne teenager must repay cost of PSP games console stolen from friend's house
An 18-year-old who admitted stealing a Sony PSP from his friend’s house has been told he must pay back the cost of the games console. Jacob Joseph Flay, of Dixon Way, Calne, appeared before Chippenham magistrates on May 30 after stealing the PSP, worth ...
Portable battery charger harnesses the power of the sun
The Juicebar is a 2000 mAh portable battery charger that harnesses the power of the sun as an emergency power source. The device stores up to 2000 mAh of solar power for use with numerous popular consumer devices. The package includes 4 connectors ...

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