Official PSP Flip Case Review

The first case I bought to protect my PSP. Not quite the full protection I was looking for.

PSP case confirmed | KTOO

The state health department warns that paralytic shellfish poisoning, or PSP, is ever present in locally harvested shellfish.

The Alaska Division of Public Health has confirmed a case of PSP on Gravina Island near Ketchikan.

Department spokesman Greg Wilkinson says a woman was hospitalized last week for suspected PSP after eating cockles and clams harvested on the...


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Dangla Dangla says:
Help me find a psp case?
I just got my psp slim and lite and i need a case. Plz post names or links to sites. I prefer those plastic cases that i don't have to take off but i'm open to all your suggestion , i would also like prices
borednoobie says:
Most PSP cases will run you about $10 to $30. you can find them pretty much everywhere they sell PSPs or Video Games. really not that hard to find Best Buy...

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PSP poisoning case near Ketchikan
A recent case of paralytic shellfish poisoning is being investigated on Gravina Island. A woman was hospitalized for suspected PSP on May 28, 2013, after consuming cockles and clams harvested on the island. Symptoms within a few minutes of eating included ...
PSP case confirmed
She has since been released from the hospital. Wilkinson says a mixture of the leftover clams and cockles returned a test result showing some of the highest saxitoxin levels ever recorded in Alaska shellfish. PSP cannot be cooked or cleaned out of shellfish.
PSP poisoning case confirmed in Ketchikan
According to the state Department of Health and Social Services, a local woman was hospitalized for paralytic shellfish poisoning, or PSP, on May 28, after consuming cockles and clams harvested on Gravina Island. Reported symptoms included ...

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