Classic Game Room - PSP CAMERA review

Classic Game Room reviews the PSP CAMERA for use on the Sony PSP handheld video game console. The PSP camera can be used to take pictures, shoot videos and p...

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Evan J Evan J says:
USB PSP Camera?
Where can you buy the USB Camera for the psp, the little metal camera, that is supposed to attach to the top of the psp, I swear it's out in stores, if not then that would explain why I cant find
benz18724 says:
Oh, the PSP camera... well to start off, you're not going to find the PSP camera anywhere around here. I was also curious about it and did some research on it. Right now it's only in Japan and...

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detail:this is psp Camera. (psp accessories).our company was founded ...
detail:this is psp Camera. (psp accessories).our company was founded ...
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