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GS Mode which cable to use? - PSX Scene

I am trying to get gs mode to work, I a curently using the intergrated build within opl. I have a couple questions. First I am so confused on which cable GS Mode uses, will it work with the stck ps2 av cables? Will stock sony component cables work? Also I do not have a vga input into my hdtv only hdmi and component. What are my options?


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LaffyTaffy LaffyTaffy says:
Question About PSP USB Cable?
I have a psp and i am gettin a usb cable for it what can you do with the cable and is anything for it freee like free downloads etc do you get the internet?
If you get the cable for the psp you can download a custom firmware (not recommended because if you pop out the cable while its installing the firmware you will turn the psp into an expensive...

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