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PSP: no more bundle?
the new psp packs contain no bundled items... i would think sony would promote the bundles to draw attention away from the DS. why would sony sell psps without the bundles like the first year when its suffering so badly? also anyone else notice 0...
Dave says:
The PSP is not failing, believe it or not. They've sold hundreds of thousands of them worldwide. Nothing close to a failure. Depending on where you shop is where you'll find the bundle packs. I've...

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PSP Montoursville Police Blotter
Police said a victim received an unsolicited phone call from someone claiming to be from AT&T selling an AT&T/Direct TV phone and tv bundle plan. The caller attempted to get the victim to obtain Amazon gift cards to pay for the plan and to provide the
Express.co.uk PS4 games shock as Sony revive THIS PlayStation franchise
There's a great mix of old and new franchises to look forward to next year and it appears that Sony might be planning a few more PlayStation revives for the future. A new Sony Interactive trademark filing has been picked up by fans and noted with some
Months-long police investigation continues after two men charged with multiple felonies
Young and Officer Lewis asked Mazzotta to walk outside with them, and once outside Mazzotta tried to escape because he allegedly had a capped syringe, a bundle of wax papers containing white powder, a bag containing a white powdery rock substance, and
Gaming Union XSEED Games Announces Zwei: The Arges Adventure for PC ...
XSEED Games announced that Zwei: The Arges Adventure, the first entry in the Zwei series from developer Nihon Falcom, will be coming to PC via Steam, GOG, and The Humble Store by Humble Bundle this…

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Sony’s Next PSP Boasts OLED Screen, Multitouch Interface
The next portable PlayStation will feature an OLED screen and two touch panels — and ditch the ... Developers at Work on Sony’s New PSP Sony’s NGP Battery Lasts a Reported 4-5 Hours With NGP, Sony has created what looks to be the most ...
US PS Store update, March 19 – Dead or Alive 5 Plus, Hot Shots Golf, bundles
NASCAR: The Game: Inside Line; LittleBigPlanet; Pinball Arcade; PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale; Resident Evil 6; Rock Band 3; RockSmit; Silent Hill: Book of Memories; Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception; and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels Plus.
PSP talks to Crew forward Aaron Schoenfeld
PSP spoke to Columbus Crew striker Aaron Schoenfeld as he prepared to face the Union in an important Eastern Conference matchup. Schoenfeld has worked his way into coach Robert Warzycha’s rotation after starting the season as a regular member ...

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