Review: PSP Battery Charger

Looking for a faster way to charge up your PSP battery if it takes too long, watch this video where I review the PSP battery charger. I went over the specs, ...

Snapping back: Turning your smartphone from a prison into a tool with purpose

My sister and I have always had it pretty nice on car trips. Cruising in our family’s sleek and stylish Mazda MVP, our headphones, Gameboys and DVD players were worth their weight in gold. It’s right around 800 miles one way to get to our grandma’s house in New Mexico, but we’ve been blessed to have technology blot out the endless stretches of plateaus and “dirt (or dust) devils” * one...


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marshall27 marshall27 says:
psp portable battery charger?
I bought a psp- portable charger that uses 4 AAA batteries to charge a psp i was wandering if 4 AAA batteries are equivalent or greater than a psp battery and would it charge it fully if the battery was low. I have a 1800mah battery.
John says: This is can be a portable battery charger

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The drone itself can be kept inside the controller after usage, whereas the controller sizes merely a smartphone or a PSP. The drone battery within 30-40 minutes. You can either use USB Port or The Controller built-in battery charger t boost up the
BGR India Google Pixel 2 XL Review: The AI-first smartphone
The phone has a 3,520mAh battery, and comes supplied with a charger that can output power at up to 18W. Although the phone is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and is compatible with Qualcomm's proprietary Quick Charge technology, Google 
Technuter (blog) Zoook launches its ultra-fast charging power bank ZP-PB10DC
CB certificate is the highest level of certification in battery after UL. It is a universal charger, is compatible with all USB powered smartphones and small tablets and supports MP3/MP4, PSP, PDA, Bluetooth, cell Phone, digital Camera and MID.
BGR This wireless portable Apple Watch charger just dropped to its lowest price ever on Amazon
The UGREEN Magnetic Charger for Apple Watch packs a 2200 mAh battery that can charge your Apple Watch on the go as many as eight times before needing to be recharged itself. It features a built-in MFi certified wireless charger for the Apple Watch, 

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Portable Battery Charger uses solar technology.
March 7, 2008 - Using solar energy, FreeLoader 8.0 can power iPod for 18 hr, mobile phone for 44 hr, PSP for 2.5 hr, and PDA for 22 hr. Charger features durable casing and ability to fold into minimal device that can be slipped into pocket or handbag.
Portable battery charger harnesses the power of the sun
The Juicebar is a 2000 mAh portable battery charger that harnesses the power of the sun as ... source for many of the most popular portable consumer items (my beloved iPhone 4S included). I found it especially helpful on my recent trip to Florida for ...
Portable Battery Charger powers USB-enabled devices.
December 28, 2011 - Supplied with 7 adapters and USB DC power cable ... The ZEUS PowerBank is a portable battery charger that can charge almost every electronic device with a USB port (mobile phones, gaming devices, music players, eBooks, etc) giving ...

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