Memory Stick to Memory Stick Pro Duo PSP Adapter

I was bored and had some extra stuff I scrapped so I made this LOL. It works great but not for M2 adapter cards I don't know why. Made form a old 32mb stick ...

MP3 Players and Cars - How to Stream Music Through Your Car's Stereo Into Your iPod FM Transmitters

MP3 player. Fortunately, you do have a few options to solve this problem, and each has its own limitations. Solutions include FM transmitters, cassette adapters, wired FM modulators, stereos with an inline ports, or RCA ports. Some will have much better quality sound, while others will sound static and choppy. It is this author's intention to discuss the benefits and limitations of all these...


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steelemandork911 steelemandork911 says:
whats the psp adapter thiny called?
hi i m looking for the psp adapter that hooks to the tv whats it called?lol
gthokilla212 says:
PSP to TV Display Adapter (PSP-035) ... 14 cm long Desription The TV Adapter for PSP lets you hook up your PSP to your home television (NTSC and PAL) via Composite and Stereo connectors. ......

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