Taking a Look at the PSP-3000

After experiencing some issues with my launch PSP-2000, I decided to pick up a new PSP-3000. This vibrantly blue model comes bundled with Sony's Invizimals g...

CS 2000 Words

I have made a great start to my 2000 word report on the games company Sony, and their role in the handheld gaming market. I chose to focus my report around a particular company because there are so many aspects of handheld consoles I could cover, across a vast range of companies from the past and present. I was also the owner of a PSP, the VITA and a DS so I can input a lot of personal...


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Tito's Pin-Up Tito's Pin-Up says:
Hi should I get DSi or PSP 3000?
Ok I do not travel but, I do ride the bus to go to school & work. I need a game handheld console for myself that it could support music,movies,SD, videos,pictures,record videos,internet,Wi-Fi & has good selection library games. Mostly Mature &...
Yahoo's Most Hated says:
PSP 3000. It has way better features. lets put this in categories shall we? Pictures- You can buy a camera for the psp to take pictures, and psp's camera is better than dsi's camera. You can get...

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Android Authority (blog) 5 best PSP emulators for Android
The Sony PSP is one of the longest tenured handheld gaming consoles ever. It enjoyed a seven year run with various new models coming out at regular intervals. It has a ton of games and Sony even ported some PlayStation games to the system for purchase 
Lifehacker Revive an Old PSP With a Raspberry Pi Zero
The end result is worth it though, as you'll essentially repurpose that PSP, buttons and all, as a Pi-powered retro game console. The project's still a bit of a work in process, with the most recent version two being a much more detailed guide on the
BGR One accessory is all you need to turn the Nintendo Switch into the ultimate in-car gaming system
iPhone 6 /6s / 6s plus / 7 / 7 plus, samsung galaxy s7 / s6 / s5 / note 5 / note 4, sony, nexus, google smartphones, and sony psp / psp 3000 gaming consoles. Functionality: the ibolt switch headrest is easy to install and is a safe and secure way to
Geek New 3DS C-Stick can be replaced with a PSP analog stick
For the longest time gaming handhelds did not have a second analog stick, making certain games a pain to control (shooters) and 3D camera control impossible. Sony decided to fix this on the PS Vita by adding a second stick. Nintendo dragged its feet a

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Sony PlayStation Vita First Edition
The Vita and PSP-3000 side by side. Even though it weighs in at 9.2 ounces ... Also new to the Photo app is the ability to record video. Overall quality of the camera isn't great, and it's nowhere near smartphone resolution or crispness ...
Local students deliver wishes to terminally-ill children in Poland
Coalition for Kids International was the brainchild of local residents, Kamila Rybicka and Garry Oliver, who also founded Fundacja Dziecieca Fantazja in Poland which has fulfilled more than 3,000 wishes ... roller-skates, a PSP and a camera.
Sony ships EyePet for PSP, complete with camera
Players interact with their new best friend only on PSP 1000/2000/3000 systems by pointing the camera for the PSP system and laying down a Magic Card (included with the game). Players create drawings in the real-world such as airplanes and cars ...

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