20 psp 3000 bundles Which psp bundle is the best now? 2010

this is all the psp bundles i could find which number is the best? choose one =) I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG the most recent that came out if the invizimals comes...

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DeepThoughts DeepThoughts says:
psp 3000 vs psp invizimal bundle?
If it wasn't for the fact that the invizimal bundle comes with a camera, I wouldn't consider it. I'm pretty sure the plain psp 3000 bundle does not come with a camera, but I prefer the black color over the light blue color. What do you think psp...
steve u says:
The invisimals-camera pack is out for ~$40 without the PSP so you could pair up the camera with a black PSP. You would end up paying a little more in the end, but if you got the plain PSP without...

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New PSP-3000 bundle packs FIFA, Cars 2
With the PlayStation Vita not launching in North America until February, Sony would have been left without a shiny new handheld box on store shelves for the holiday season. Enter a new PSP-3000 'Entertainment Pack' bundle, which pairs the soon-to-be ...
PSP to receive price drop in Japan tomorrow
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PSP gets Madden 12 bundle
... that snub today with the unveiling of a Madden NFL 12 PSP hardware bundle set to arrive alongside the football sim on August 30. The $160 package will include a black PSP-3000, UMD copies of Madden NFL 12 and Need for Speed: Shift, and a 2GB memory stick.

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