Review: Sony PSP 3000 (Piano Black)

This is a review of my PSP 3000. Really good console, great for on the go gaming. Specs: 333Mhz ARM CPU 64MB RAM End of specs, short I know....

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danny.chidiac danny.chidiac says:
What is better. Nintendo dsi or psp 3000?
should i return my psp and get a nintendo dsi when it comes back or should i stay with psp 3000?
domal says:
The Nintendo DSi is better than the PSP-3000. Here is my comprehensive analysis on both handheld game consoles -- the Nintendō Dīesu and the PlayStation Portable. This analysis is unprejudiced....

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Sony PSP Go Leaked on Video, Official Photos Emerge
It’s cute, and it will sell alongside the current PSP 3000. The specs: 16GB flash storage Less than half the weight of the current PSP Bluetooth No UMD drive Memory Stick Micro Price is as yet undisclosed, but we’d hope that its cheaper than ...
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