Unboxing: Sony PS3 Super Slim

PS3 Super Slim: http://goo.gl/4no0d Other places I out: FaceBook Fan Page: http://goo.gl/pZsjC Twitter: http://twitter.com/soldierknowbest Instagram: markwat...

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Ball Player Ball Player says:
Why should I buy the PS3 slim (10 points)?
My fat ps3 broke, so why is the ps3 slim better besides the size?
Coddy Lad says:
The PS3 Slim is the latest incarnation of Sony's opinion-dividing PlayStation 3 games console. It's essentially the same console as before, but with slimmed down components and a new, smaller...

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CNET Ever buy an original PS3? Sony may owe you $65
Oh, but there's one more wrinkle: You'll need to legally swear you knew it was possible to install Linux on the PS3 and/or lost some of the value of your PS3 when Sony removed the option. You'll also need your PS3's serial number, or your PlayStation
Sony Drops Free PS Plus Games for PS3 and Vita
At the end of the PlayStation Blog post revealing the games being given away this month, Sony makes an “important service update”. Which is that from March 2019, the PS Plus monthly games lineup will “no longer include PlayStation 3 and PlayStation
IGN Fortnite Patch Brings the Game Up to 60 FPS on Xbox and PS4
is underway now that patch v.3.0.0 is live, adding 60 frames per second support for PlayStation 4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, and Xbox One X. The update is live now and brings the Season 3 Battle Pass with it. 60 FPS will be the new standard on all console
TechRadar The PS4 at five years old: what Sony's greatest games console got right
While it feels like the console's announcement could have been only a week ago, it's incredible to think that in only five years we've seen dozens of fantastic exclusives, the release of the Slim and Pro models, and even a PlayStation virtual reality

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Sony Playstation 3 Sales Increase By 138% In The UK Thanks To New ‘Super Slim’ Model
37 Percent Of All PS3 Sales Attributed To 500 GB 'Super Slim' Model In Just Two Days When the PS3 ‘Super Slim’ was first unveiled in late September, many industry analysts questioned Sony’s decision to continue focusing the efforts of its video games ...
PS3 Sporting New Colors After White Console Release - Tapscape
In Japan, the new, colorful super-slim PS3 consoles are going for 24,980 yen (about $278). They sport a 250 GB hard drive and one color matching controller. The release date in Japan is February 28th. In Germany, however, the price is significantly higher.
New PS3 Slim Has Large Hard Drive, Wii U Doesn't But Supports External Hard Drive
Whereas the recently announced PS3 Super Slim ("Slim-Slim"?) will come with a 250GB and 500GB SKUs, the Wii U will only come in 8GB and 32GB models. To make up for this, Nintendo will allow easy attachment to external hard drives. John Koller, SCEA VP of ...

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File:PS3-Slim-Console-Back.jpg - 维基百科,自由的百科全书
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